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Past Webinars:

CalHIPSO Webinar: MIPS Reporting for 2018

Please join CalHIPSO and SA Ignite on Thursday, October 4th for a free educational webinar on the Medicare Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) 2018 Performance Year. This webinar will cover what you and your practice need to know as you look forward to reporting for MIPS Year 2 (2018).

There are many factors to consider that effect your scores as the MIPS treadmill accelerates. 2018 is very similar to 2017 with slightly higher thresholds and benchmarks. We will explore various scenarios and the impact each decision has to clinicians and groups including:

  • Maintaining the course: What happens if you don’t change anything from 2017?
  • Reviewing the MIPS Categories: Which ones will deliver the highest value to your practice and have a positive impact on your MIPS performance?
  • Changing the objectives and measures you focus on: How do you know which ones will deliver the highest value- and whether you meet the minimum requirements?
  • Doing ok with MIPS today? Keep an eye on 2019. Are you establishing the foundation necessary to hit the ground running in 2019 when MIPS gets real?

The recording of this webinar is available here: https://youtu.be/JuI6zoi_Q6Y

CalHIPSO Webinar: An industry-wide solution: IHA and the statewide Provider Directory Utility (PDU) initiative

The CalHIPSO Fall Webinar series will kick off on Wednesday, September 26th from Noon-1pm with a presentation Titled: “An industry-wide solution: IHA and the statewide Provider Directory Utility (PDU) initiative.” CalHIPSO will be joined on this webinar by the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA), who is managing the development of the PDU.

Patients rely on provider directories to make important choices about their care, yet maintaining accurate directories remains a tough operational challenge. To solve this problem, the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) is working with CalHIPSO and many other stakeholders statewide to develop and implement a single, centralized cloud-based platform: the California Provider Directory Utility (PDU). The PDU will simplify the provider directory management process and decrease the administrative burden while enabling health plans and providers to meet requirements set by California’s SB137.

IHA is currently collaborating with select health plans, provider organizations and independent practices in a soft launch of the PDU. Statewide rollout of the utility is expected to begin in 2019.

The recording of this webinar is available here: https://youtu.be/zd5tML1FNN0