Providers receiving multiple MU incentive payments in one remittance from Medi-Cal may find it challenging to match up providers and payments, Here is the process for payment:

  • Once DHCS approves the application, the payment will be included on regular Medi-Cal Remittance Advice Details
    • The AR transactions process is the same as it for regular Medi-Cal claims payments.
    • It is important to note that whichever department or individual that currently receives and reconciles your regular Medi-Cal payment will be the first to see the AR transaction payment on the Remittance Advice Detail or to the address indicated as the payee.
  • Future incentive payments will be denoted a Medi-Cal RAD under A/R Transactions. See RAD Sample
  • The payment will be identified with a RAD code 769 EHR Incentive Program Payment
    • While this has limited information, if the provider cannot match the payment to providers, that information can be requested directly from ACS Cash Control Unit.
    • This unit keeps record of all payments and the reasons for the payments (which would include the EP or GRP the specific AR transaction was generated)
  • When requesting which NPI(s) the payment is associated with, the group or provider will need to provide a copy of the RAD OR include the information highlighted in green AND yellow in the linked sampleĀ  by calling 800.541.5555. The operators may generate a referral to the Cash Control Unit (CCU).
    • The CCU will then research their records and provide information (typically in letter form) to the requester.