April 11, 2013

Providers may be experiencing the following issues in the Medi-Cal SLR:

  • If your attestation was rejected in 2011 you are not able to apply for 2012
  • The SLR is improperly subtracting exclusions from the denominators of some measures not allowing you to qualify for meaningful use
  • Only the 2013 year tab is displayed so you are unable to apply for 2012 during the extended grace period (until April 30th)

Xerox plans to resolve these issues by April 23rd.  This only allows affected providers and groups 8 days before the “grace period” for 2012 applications expires on April 30th.

DHCS realizes just how short this time frame is and will make every effort to notify and assist providers experiencing these problems.  They will keep their stakeholder community informed through e-mail notices and postings on the SLR website and hope to work with providers to develop ways to mitigate any negative impact.

A staged deployment of 2013 stage 1 changes is planned and the timing and sequencing of the changes will be developed in the next two weeks.  Notices will be issued as more specific information becomes available.