The 2013 prequalification list for clinics has been posted and can be used to register in the SLR 6/11/2013.  The NPI listed for each clinic is the NPI that has been prequalified in the State Level Registry (SLR).  

Clinics should immediately review the list and notify OHIT within one week of the following:

  • If the NPI listed for the clinic is not correct, please send an email to with your clinic’s OSHPD ID, and the correct NPI.
  • There are 170 clinics that are eligible for prequalification but do not have an NPI listed (the NPI field is highlighted in yellow for these clinics).  In order to be recognized as prequalified in the State Level Registry, these clinics should provide OHIT with the clinic NPI.  Please send an email to with your clinic’s OSPHD ID and NPI (please note that the NPI that you provide must be the same NPI that the clinic will use to enroll in the SLR).
  • NPIs highlighted in blue represent those clinics that in previous years have aggregated all clinic sites and applied under one parent/organizational NPI.  DHCS has once again prequalified these sites on an aggregate level in 2013.  If these clinics would like to enroll individually rather than on an aggregate level, please send an email to with this request.

OHIT intends to post an updated clinic prequalification list to the SLR within two weeks which will incorporate any changes.