TheCDPH Logo California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has launched a portal service for public health reporting called the CDPH HIE Gateway. For more information from CDPH, and to access the Gateway and begin the registration process, please visit

The recently-launched CAIR Immunization Messaging Portal is now embedded in the CDPH Gateway, and these services will be integrated from now on. Reporting to CalREDIE, the infectious-disease lab registry, is an additional functionality available through the CDPH Gateway today. In the future, the CDPH Gateway will include access to other state registries with one user account ID.

Meaningful Use (MU) implications:

  • For Eligible Professionals (EPs), reporting to CalREDIE is NOT required for Stage 1 or Stage 2 of Meaningful Use.
  • For Eligible Hospitals, reporting to CalREDIE is necessary to satisfy the “Lab Results to Public Health Agencies” Meaningful Use menu objective for Stage 1 and the core objective for Stage 2.
  • Providers who have already registered for CAIR immunization reporting through the CAIR Immunization Portal ( do not need to register with the CDPH Gateway unless they also want to report to CalREDIE.
  • Until January 2014, any Eligible Professionals (EPs) or Eligible Hospitals (EHs) who have already registered for CAIR but also want to send data to CalREDIE, will need to register with the CDPH Gateway since user data will not be copied over from the Immunization Portal until that time.

Public health Meaningful Use questions may be emailed directly to CDPH at may also contact CalHIPSO at or 1-888-589-4897.