MU attestation enables these providers to receive over $29.6 Million in CMS incentive payments

Oakland, CA – Jan. 8, 2013 – The California Health Information Partnership and Services Organization (CalHIPSO), achieved an important milestone in its mission to help providers demonstrate Meaningful Use (MU) of their electronic health records (EHR). As of this month, 1,231 providers attested to MU. CalHIPSO’s Chief Quality Officer Dorian Seamster, MPH made the announcement today and noted that as a result of attesting to MU, these providers received, or are entitled to receive, approximately $29.6 million in incentive payments.

This is a significant milestone for our organization, our many partners who deliver practice level services and the providers they serve,” notes Seamster. “It’s challenging work to achieve meaningful use for any provider. But for the small and solo practices and safety net providers that comprise CalHIPSO’s membership the accomplishment is especially noteworthy.”

While appreciating the significance of this milestone, CalHIPSO CEO Speranza Avram, MPA, acknowledges there is still a lot of work to do. “We’re a quarter of the way to our goal of 6,187 providers to meaningful use,” says Avram, who also noted that of the 8,559 total providers who are members of CalHIPSO, 4,978 providers are now live on an EHR. “Fortunately, we’ve seen the momentum shift in recent months as providers who may have been on the sidelines cautiously observing the progress of their colleagues, are now jumping in and attesting to meaningful use in greater numbers. We’re optimistic that this trend will accelerate CalHIPSO beyond its goal by 2014.”