If you’ve been contacted by DHCS requesting additional documentation in order to verify your Medi-Cal encounters for your 2011 EHR Incentive Program Attestation here’s what you can do:


Gather Acceptable Documents:

DCHS will accept reports showing your 2010 Medi-Cal Volume. This can be a report from your practice management system or other billing system.


  • Make sure the corresponding provider’s name, NPI number and TIN are on the documentation.
  • You should upload a cover letter that details how the documentation verifies that the Medi-Cal encounters were delivered by the provider during the 90-day representative period.
  • If you do not have a PMS you may upload other documentation to help validate Medi-Cal encounters. This may be in the form of scanned documents that were used to determine encounter volumes such as pages from billing logs, private registers, etc.
  • Make sure to black out or otherwise remove any Personal Health Information to avoid possible HIPAA issues.
  • Encounters counted as “Medi-Cal encounters” should be clearly indicated on all documentation.
  • Make sure all documentation applies to the 90-day representative period you used for the EHR Incentive Program.


Log into the Medi-Cal SLR



Under the Year 1 tab

Select “Upload Additional Documentation” and follow the instructions to upload additional documentation (files cannot exceed 10 MB each). You can upload multiple files.

Need assistance? Contact the help desk at (866) 879-0109

You can access the list of affected NPIs here: You may have only received one email for multiple providers affected.