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CalHIPSO delivers comprehensive, subsidized technical services to providers through its eight Local Extension Centers (LECs), which are located throughout the state, offering health information technology (HIT) expertise to their local communities. Our LECs provide in-depth knowledge of their regions and provider communities, and are comprised of several Health Center Controlled Networks serving community health centers, California’s Quality Improvement Organization, and partnerships among local medical societies.


CalHIPSO California Technical Assistance Program LECs:



Central Valley Collaborative

Central Valley Collaborative (CVC) is an eight-member health information technology network whose mission is to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of healthcare in the San Joaquin Central Valley of California and the East Bay Area. Spearheaded by OCHIN in Portland, Oregon, the CVC participating organizations have partnered to collaborate on EHR deployment and sever other patient-centered HIT innovations. The CVC operates as a Health Center Controlled Network.

Provider Segment
8 FQHCs in the Central Valley and East Bay Area

Contact Information
(559) 317-6829
Website: http://mycvc.org

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Community Health Center Network

Community Health Center Network (CHCN) is a partnership of community health centers committed to enhancing our ability to provide comprehensive, quality health care in a manner respectful of community traditions and values. The formation of CHCN was built upon 20 years of collaboration in health policy and advocacy work through our sister organization, the Alameda Health Consortium.  The network was formed in 1994 by the community health centers in Alameda County, California in order to more effectively participate in newly launched state managed care programs.  Since its inception, CHCN’s activities have grown to include supporting shared implementation of HIT systems, remote access to patient health information at our county medical facility and clinical best practice sharing through CHCN hosted learning sessions. CHCN has worked with clinical providers and staff to adopt major changes in clinic workflow to best utilize their new HIT tools.  These include training and incorporation of panel mangers for chronic disease management, care team and practice transformation to medical homes, participation in EHR incentive programs and focused study of clinical practices based on findings of our annual clinical quality improvement measures.

CHCN member health centers include all of the Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) headquartered in Alameda County, with services provided to surrounding counties of Contra Costa, Solano and San Francisco. Our health center corporations are: Asian Health Services, Axis Community Health, La Clinica de La Raza, LifeLong Medical Care, Native American Health Center, Tiburcio Vasquez Community Health Center, Tri-City Health Center, and West Oakland Health Center.

Provider Segment
Community Health Centers

Contact Information
(510) 297-0200
Website: www.chcnetwork.org

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Health Quality Partners

Health Quality Partners ((HQP), Formally CCHN) was established in 1993 to provide managed care contracting and support to San Diego community clinics and health centers. Today, HQP strives to be the leading program development and implementation organization for government, public and private organizations that fund programs and research in the health promotion and primary care industry, as well as healthcare practitioners and researchers. HQP is a non-profit subsidiary of the Council of Community Clinics, a private, nonprofit association composed of 16 community clinic and health center organizations operating more than 100 sites throughout San Diego, Imperial, and Riverside counties. HQP’s mission is to be the thought leader and innovative influencer of change in the primary care marketplace, informing and inspiring its members and partners to enrich the patient experience and improve the human condition.

healthqualitypartnersChange info email address: info@hcpsocal.org

Website: http://hqpsocal.org/

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Lumetra Healthcare Solutions

Lumetra Healthcare Solutions is an independent, San Francisco-based non-profit organization selected to be a Local Extension Center (LEC) in Northern California. Lumetra offers a full complement of EHR services and assistance for providers and their staff to aid them in adopting, implementing and using EHR technology. Lumetra’s approach provides scalability in cost, access and capacity, enabling physicians to optimize use of their EHR and ultimately achieve meaningful use. Lumetra also offers localized expertise, education and service to support broadening of EHR adoption towards Health Information Exchange (HIE).  In addition, Lumetra provides privacy and security expertise evaluating risk and developing policies and procedures for providers.

Provider Segment
Solo/Small Providers, FQHCs, PACE Clinics, Community Clinics, Rural Health Clinics

Contact Information
(415) 677-2162
Website: www.lumetrasolutions.com

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Redwood Community Health Coalition

The Redwood Community Health Coalition (RCHC) was incorporated in 1994 as a 501c (3) non-profit health care organization, concentrating on advocacy, peer networking and education and training.  Our mission is to improve access to and the quality of care provided for underserved and uninsured people in Marin, Napa, Sonoma and Yolo counties.  Our vision is that every person in the communities served by Redwood Community Health Coalition health centers has access to a patient-centered healthcare home.  Our members serve approximately 230,000 patients annually through more than 771,000 patient encounters.

Provider Segment
12 FQHCs, 1 Indian Health Center, 2 Free Clinics, 1 Hospital-Based Community Clinic and Private Providers

Contact Information
Kim Kilpela
Office: 707-285-2965
Email: kkilpela@rchc.net
Website: www.rchc.net

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Vigilance Health

The Vigilance Health mission is to enable our healthcare providers to measure, improve and demonstrate patient outcome scores – so they can THRIVE in the new payor environment. Through the Vigilance Health Care Management Program we also empower our provider’s patients to take a more proactive role in their own health outcomes. Our Care Management Program achieves patient engagement and provides patient motivation and accountability for a more inspired and compliant patient population.

Vigilance Health is one of a select group of organizations throughout the U.S. designated as having the experience and capacity necessary to assist health care providers with the task of transforming their practices to prepare for value based contracting. Vigilance Health is an independent neutral organization, providing practice transformation assistance, guidance, and project management to support and accelerate providers’ efforts to be prepared for healthcare delivery and payment reform. Vigilance Health applies its deep experience and insight in health care and operations to help physician practices, hospitals, and other health care organizations thrive in the new post-Affordable Care Act environment.

Provider Segmentvigilance
Private Providers, FQHCs, Community Clinics and Hospitals

Contact Information
(805) 823-0981
Website: www.vigilancehealth.com

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Historical LECs and Ongoing Partner Organizations

The following organizations are important partners and historical CalHIPSO LECs with whom we continue to collaborate to advance successful EHR adoption and Meaningful Use by Eligible Professionals throughout California. 

California Planned Parenthood Education Fund

The California Planned Parenthood Education Fund (CPPEF), is a non-profit (501)(C)(3) organization serving and representing 9 regional Planned Parenthood affiliates located throughout the state of California. CPPEF provides policy analysis, advocacy, technical assistance and legal services to our member agencies, our coalition partners and the general public on issues related to reproductive health, clinic regulations and access to health care. We coordinate statewide projects related to clinic licensure, budget planning, Medi-Cal policy, state health department reporting, safety net provider issues, health information technology, messaging and access to health care services for uninsured individuals.

Provider SegmentPP
Planned Parenthood Clinics

Contact Information
(916) 446-5247
Website: www.cppef.org

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Health Services Advisory Group

Health Services advisory Group of California, Inc. (HSAG-CA) was awarded the QIO contract in the summer of 2008. Implementation began in November 2008 and HSAG-CA has been fulfilling its QIO contract requirements ever since. An office was established in Glendale, California and the staff has been busy implementing the requirements of the QIO contract and has been achieving and exceeding all the milestones set by CMS. We have been working with hospitals and nursing homes across the state to improve patient safety and quality. We also work with the small to medium sized physician offices to implement care management processes utilizing their EHR functionalities to report quality measures and improve care and services delivered. In addition, HSAG-CA is providing technical assistance to approximately 200 physician offices that are participating in the Medicare Care Management Performance (MCMP) demonstration project. This project rewards performance based on achieving quality goals on 25 specific quality measures related to diabetes, coronary artery disease, heart failure, and preventive services.

Provider Segmenthsag
Private Providers, Community Clinics, Rural and Critical Access Hospitals

Contact Information
(602) 801-6703
Website: www.hsag.com

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Inland Empire EHR Resource Center

Inland Empire EHR Resource Center (IEEHRC) provided Electronic Health Record (EHR) education & outreach, and implementation services to physician offices in the Riverside/San Bernardino region, known as the Inland Empire.  IEEHRC’s goal is to help regional physicians achieve Meaningful Use compliance through successful EHR adoption in order to qualify for Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements through the HITECH Act.  IEEHRC was conceptualized through the collaboration of the Riverside County Medical Association (RCMA), San Bernardino County Medical Society (SBCMS) and the Inland Empire Health Plan, who together represent approximately 4,100 practicing physicians in the Inland Empire, 2483 who are PCPs and 1777 who are Priority PCPs.  IEHP is organized as a public-entity, not-for-profit, joint powers agency which provides health care to approximately 450,000 members in two county areas servicing patients in the Medicaid, State Children’s Health Insurance Program, the Healthy Kids Program and a Medicare Advantage Special Needs Program.

Provider Segmentehr_resource_center
Private Providers and Community Health Centers

Contact Information
(951) 686-1825
Website: www.ieehrc.org

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San Diego County Medical Society Foundation

San Diego County Medical Society Foundation provides technical assistance to private practice physicians in San Diego County to achieve Meaningful Use of their electronic health record systems.  As part of their mission to improve community health and wellness, access to care for all, and support for physicians through engaged volunteerism, SDCMS Foundation has assisted medical practices with EHR for the past five years.  Additionally, SDCMS Foundation provides physician education opportunities, supports physician wellness committees and provides scholarships for medical students and residents.  The organization’s flagship program, Project Access San Diego, has assisted over 3,000 uninsured adults gain access to specialty healthcare services valued at over $10 million since 2008, thanks to the generous volunteer efforts of more than 600 local physicians and medical professionals.

Provider Segmentsdcmsf
Private Providers

Contact Information
(858) 300-2780
Website: www.sdcmsf.org

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Safety Net Institute

Established in 1999, the California Health Care Safety Net Institute (SNI) is committed to advancing community Health for California’s low-income and uninsured populations.  SNI serves the 19 public hospital systems who are members of the California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems (CAPH).  The California Health Care Safety Net Institute (SNI) is the quality improvement partner of the CAPH.  We design and direct programs that accelerate the spread of innovative practices among California’s public hospitals, public clinics and beyond.  SNI has helped California public hospital systems adopt and implement health information technology to improve patient care and clinical outcomes, and created the Information Technology Adoption Center (ITAC) program for California Public Hospital Systems to support this endeavor.

Provider Segmentcalifornia_health_care_safety_net
Public Hospitals

Contact Information
(510) 874-7102
Website: www.safetynetinstitute.org


California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc.

California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc. (CRIHB) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit tribal organization founded in 1969. CRIHB is a network of Tribal Health Programs, which are controlled and sanctioned by Indian people and their Tribal Governments. CRIHB is headquartered in Sacramento and is governed by its Board of Directors, which consists of 24 tribal leaders from among 12-member tribal health programs throughout California. CRIHB is committed to the needs and interests that elevate and promote the health status and social conditions of the Indian people of California. CRIHB does this by providing expertise in health information management, information technology, health center quality improvement, patient-centered medical homes, managed care contracting, medical billing, finance, clinic operations, information technology, research and public health, and health policy.

CRIHB is experienced in helping tribal/urban Indian health programs adopt, implement, and upgrade their EHRs to achieve Meaningful Use. CRIHB has provided technical assistance to 45 tribal/urban Indian clinic sites in California as part of the National Indian Health Board Regional Extension Center. This has resulted in close to 300 tribal/urban Indian health PPCPs throughout California achieving Adopt Implement Upgrade and/or Stage 1 Meaningful Use.

Provider SegmentCRIHB
CA Tribal and Urban Indian Health Programs

Contact Information
(916) 929-9761
Website: www.crihb.org

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Founded in 2010, eRECORDS, Inc. (“eRI”) help providers gain additional revenues through Medicaid EHR Incentive funds, better patient engagement and more targeted marketing through next generation set of tools and services. Our mission is to provide relevant insights, practical strategies and real solutions to small and solo healthcare practices in reaching their goals with the vision that healthcare providers and consumers are always empowered with the knowledge that help make best decision possible. We value fairness, integrity and customer satisfaction in executing our mission.

Provider Segment
Private Dental Providers

Contact Information
(909) 274-9593
Website: www.eRecords.com

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