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Technology is making winners and losers overnight, healthcare industry is no exception. At CalHIPSO we believe that technology should be a blessing not a curse for the doctor-patient relationship. We believe Healthcare is all about “care”. We fight to keep the humanity in healthcare.

Whom do we serve:

We help small practice physicians and dentists, especially Medicare and Medi-Cal providers, to implement certified EHRs. In doing so, we have helped thousands of eligible healthcare professionals access federal and state incentives. Looking ahead, we aim to help clinicians to maintain their independence as payment models move towards value based care. We believe small and solo practices are an essential component of the health care system.

We help California’s community health centers (CHCs) utilize HIT to maximize efficiency, incorporate new services, and grow. CHCs provide care to more than 6.9 million patients every year, the majority being Medi-Cal and uninsured patients, many of them minority and non-English speaking. We believe caring for the least privileged is a fundamental part of humanity in health care system.

CalHIPSO’s work with public hospitals has allowed them to benefit from millions of dollars in federal incentives, and has helped to set the stage for their work in the Whole Person Care and the Delivery System Reform. Despite representing just 6% of all hospitals in the state, California’s public hospitals and health systems provide 40% of all hospital care to California’s uninsured and 35% of all hospital care to Medi-Cal beneficiaries in the communities they serve.

Our Services

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What do we offer:

EHRs are changing medical practice every day, in sometimes surprising ways. Whether you are looking to adopt an EHR for the first time, “rip and replace” your existing system, or pull together the information you need to access federal incentives, CalHIPSO is here to help. Click on the links below to find more information about CalHIPSO’s programs.

The true power of EHRs is in their ability to facilitate meaningful data exchange between providers. Starting in the Summer of 2019, CalHIPSO helps providers to access $50 million in federal and state funds for onboarding and technical assistance.

Providers who are comfortable with their EHRs and data exchange can enter into advanced payment reform models such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). We bring ACO tools and support to providers in California, through partnership with Aledade, a national company founded by former staff of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC.)

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CalHIPSO’s work is founded on these 5 pillars:

Non Profit Organization

Connecting government funding to safety net providers

Extensive Policy Expertise

Project Management

knowhow, 10 years experience

Technical Assistance

Partnership With Larger Resources

otherwise not available to safety net providers